October 19th 8:20 am

So this day started off with a bang! Both boys ended up screaming in timeout…and I kept my cool by singing hymns, lol. It, of course, infuriated both of them, and they screamed louder and longer…Tristan for 45 minutes, Caelin for more than an hour. I ignored them (like on Super Nanny) and let them scream until they were quiet to do their time, which was a minute per year of age. Finally, they were quiet and are now enjoying breakfast peacfully. I am developing a touch of a headache, but I will take some pain pills and I eruse to let them see me stressed out. It just won’t happen. Singing did help me focus on something, anything, other than them. Next they get a quick bath and ready for the day. Gotta run!

(pray for strength for me, please)


I am about ready to pull my hair out, but so far ma holding steady.  I have declared naptime for Caelin, who is yelling and screaming. I am amazed at how angry he is, considering I have not yelled once at him today or asked him to do anything he doesn’t normally. I have just been making him obey the first time or sit in timeout, really. I am going to pull up the book and read it while they are napping. I need some juice to keep me going…


Well, lunchtime is fast approaching. I did a bit of schoolwork with Caelin, and Tristan got to color…Caelin became overwhelmed with the work that we were doing, though, so I cut it off halfway through and we will finish after lunch and “quiet time” is over.  Hubby and I agreed that we are both going a little crazy in our heads today…hopefully it gets better quick!

2:25 pm

So far, it has still been hectic…Tristan woke up before quiet time (chore time for me, lol) was over, so we had an interesting lesson in staying quietly in the room until I say to come out. Of course, they are wild, rambunctious boys, and so it is pretty loud. I need to figure out how to lower the volume in my house. I came from a naturally quiet family and do not like the noise so much!Of course, all little children are noisy at times…I guess it’s learning the difference between outside and inside noises…but I have neighbors that don’t need to hear screaming banshees either, lol.

But we are doing pretty good I think. I am calm, they are relatively calm at the moment, and I am thining I just might be able to pull through this!

10-20-11     12:35 pm

Well, yesterday was a crazy day! I ended the day very overwhelmed and utterly exhausted. Today has been much better already! Of course, the kids have been misbehaving, but they are going to sleep in their beds without me in there (and staying in bed!!!) and Tristan has successfully switched to a toddler bed from his crib. Amazingly, he sleeps better now! He is also starting to get excited about sitting on the potty chair, and I am thinking it is about time to begin potty training him for real. We even bought candy corn, lol. While I don’t really agree with the whole bribing thing, it does really help with that aspect of learning. We have decided to bring it back temperarily for Caelin, too, since for a while he has not seemed to be bothered by pottying his pants, although he was fully trained at 18 months. I am sure getting switched back into diapers last year when we were moving didn’t help.

They are not throwing food any longer…I finally told Caelin if his food got on the table or the floor, he was done eating. It took one time of him not eating dinner because of it and now he seems cured! Since he is no longer doing that, his brother has stopped, too. I am very happy with the progress today…and though it may backtrack (I hope not!) I have good hopes for them being good. And I enjoy them so much more when they are being sweet and obediant. 😀

October 21     9:00 pm

Today everyone was hyper and goofy. I think I have noticed more change in myself than the kids…I am seeing their childish behavior for what it is, have been able to correct things that need it while enjoying things that are just them being silly and goofy. I had a great time playing with them today, I hardly ever rough-house with them, but learning to enjoy their antics again has allowed me to let loose and play.

I have a very strong feeling that the house being in order has helped a lot with my attitude change, as has focusing on the boys more. Of course, they are still young boys and got into plenty of trouble…they seem to seek it out like pigs to mud, lol. But I am learning to differenciate their motives and dicipline when needed without getting overly stressed. I love the changes I am seeing and feeling, and there is no denying that, that’s for sure!


I am definately thinking at this point the greatest thing in this expirement is the change I have seen in my own attitude towards my children. They are still rambunctious, but are more willing to obey me. They are not fighting as much, or being as distructive. They are loud and crazy and fun and loveable. I am able to focus on them and see their intentions. I love it.

But most of the change has been in me, and it shows in them.