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What is minimalism? Anyone who has Googled this has likely found that there is a variety of what can be called minimalist…so what is and isn’t it here?

What it is not: boring, drab, plain, dull. I am not out to seek a life void of pleasure and passion…I love “pretty” things and ruffles and colors. So my minimalism is not in the “fashion” sense at all. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy sleek lines and non-clutter…but it isn’t a fashion idea that has driven me to this point by any means. And definitely not deprivation.

What it is: Cutting back my possessions, not to a specific number, but to a point where my life is free to enjoy and not stress about the things I have, what to wear, how to creatively fit my stuff into storage. I am trying to loose the bonds to STUFF…to make room in my life to be more fully devoted, to God, my family, and myself…to serve and love and cherish. Too much stuff stresses me out. So minimalism, to me, is merely cutting out the extras in my life that serve no specific purpose…cutting out those things which do not create joy.


It means very different things to different people, and this may not be true of you, not by a long shot. But it is what I mean by it. 😛


Final post! I had meant to take pictures the last two days, and finally thought, eh, I need to finish the week. 😀 After this post, I will be doing Feminine Fridays.

My little sister gave me this dress, and it is another of my favorites. I love the colors, the shape, the versatility in layering.

Today I am wearing a dress I bought for $0.50 at a yardsale! I love it and wear it a lot. 😀 The covering is a piece of fabric that I have been playing around with for a while and decided that it is a covering now, lol.



This is a jumper dress that I think is pretty. It comes down to just below mid-calf, I think. I bought the turtle neck years ago, and I am a little surprised at how well it has held up. I like the color and how the arms are not loose…it fits better on jumpers that way. The covering just happens to be my favorite. It is just a long scarf that I tied under my hair.


Something was not working right, the colors are bold, but in the picture they looked washed out. Still, pretty covering, I think.


My skirt, tshirt ensable...


Full outfit

Today I am wearing a skirt Scott bought for me and a headcovering I found in my greatgrandparents’ things after they passed…I found two, a lace one I will wear soon and this one, which has a band of batting in it that I liked to soak in the summer to help with the heat.

Detail in the covering

Closeup of skirt


Well, I have one yellow dress, and I decided I should try it yesterday. I have never worn it and I may as well, right? It has nothing so nice as pockets, but the buttons are oyster shell and are my favorite part of the dress, lol. It has purple flowers on it so I am wearing a blue and purple cover with it, to try to put more color by my face…I do have yellow undertones, lol.



Today, I am wearing this dress. Having problems getting a good picture, but here it is. 🙂


I found a new way to headcover! I like it. 🙂 Scott came home and told me he liked it a lot, that I looked like a pirate, lol. It is a bandana type tied into a bun in the back. Her are a couple pictures…




Here is my get up today. 🙂 My gramma bought me this dress right after myyoungest was born, and I think it is so pretty. However, the courtship video I watched last night raised some questions on modesty…and so I will be looking into the Word to see what I can find on the topic. As a teen, I was one of those bikini/mini skirt in the summer people, so this seemed very modest to me, but as I am moving around the house, I am realizing the skirt may be shorter than I like…what do you guys consider too short?

I am thinking if I am uncomfortable with the length, it is probably too short for me. So how can I remedy that, I wonde? I could wear bloomers under it…but that is kinda a cheat, I think. I could sew some pretty black lace in a ruffle on the bottom! What do you guys think of that idea?

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