So I have found truly cutting back to where I want to be much harder than I had anticipated. I was on a roll for a minute, and then found myself at an impasse…I could not move forward, despite my best tries, and actually found myself backsliding into squalor, unable to clean and organize at all. It goes without saying that I have been struggling here and just trying to get back on track. Well, today, my friends, I overcame the very next cliff on the mountain and have been cleaning and organizing once again. It is hard to get to the point where I can feel refreshed by the effort, as opposed to punished. 

I am getting there, again. I am progressing. I will soon be letting you guys in and doing a house-tour…telling you all what I have kept and why. But for now I am not there yet, and am just trying to progress a little each day, or at least not lose the progress I have made.