A good friend is coming to stay with me today…she will be here for a week. In the short week I have spent trying to prepare for her arrival I have had my plumbing go haywire (hopefully will be fixed today, but I have been hoping that for days now) which means my laundry is backed up, my dishes need washed, and my bathrooms stink. Blech. I have cleverly discovered how to get most of this fixed (minus the actual plumbing, of course) But it is going to take creativity and energy. *sigh*


I am so happy to see my friend, though. We grew up friends, practically…even though we only knew each other personally for around a year added together, we always seemed to click right back into being friends after time apart. We both LOVE reading, and she is the only friend I ever had that we could literally not speak nearly the whole time we were together, and still walk away feeling fufilled and like we’d had the greatest time. We read the Harry Potter series together, and would walk the nearly two miles to school each day with our noses buried in a book.

Of course, for those similarities, we had plenty of differences.  She was dedicated, knew where she was going in life, and I was a rebel…begging her to copy off her schoolwork. Not because I couldn’t do it, I just really didn’t want to. She wasn’t encumbered by boys and silly things like that…I became a teen mom. She has lived the glamorous life exploring the world, traveling, visiting foreign countries…I have also traveled…as a runaway, but now I am a stay at home married mom. Our lives have gone in totally different directions, but still I am excited to see her and catch up on old times…find new ground to share. 🙂

I just hope I can get everything worked out before she comes. 😛