I am not sure what to say in this post, other than I will be blogging about the cleanup more soon…I have been so busy and not online nearly as much lately. It, along with writing, is often a bit of an escape for me, and I just do not have that need to escape quite so much now that my home is more in tune with what I need it to be.

I have spent quite a bit of time playing with kids, cleaning, and organizing. It has been oodles of fun and so exciting. My laundry has stayed caught up, the dishes are all done, I have been cooking good meals. I have begun reading old books to the kids, the stuff I devour with gusto, and they enjoy it.

Their room stays clean and I have the time now to shampoo up spots in the carpet when they happen…to organize, to run through the house and clean it in a few minutes’ time.  So know that I will be blogging more…but it may be a few days. 😀