1 Less stress. Really. You clean less and so you don’t have to worry as much about what’s going on and how much you still have to do.

2 More time for hobbies…again, you are cleaning less.

3 More time for family…see above. 😉

4 Less visual clutter. That seriously DOES make a difference.

5 It’s so much easier to achieve the idealic house-wifely glow when you are not running in 50 direction trying desparately to keep up with the little one’s messes.

6 Playtime OUTSIDE!!! I always feel so guilty when I do things and my chores aren’t done. Less stuff=fewer chores.

7 You can find what you need….WHEN YOU NEED IT!!! What a concept, right? lol

8 A serious lesson in priorities happens when you start throwing your things out of your house. What REALLY makes you happy?

9 Getting up and ready is so much faster…

10 The SPACE!!! oh, the SPACE!!! I have never felt like this was a BIG house before…but oh, the SPACE!!!!


(and I am still not done getting rid of things. *wink*)