So, I am planning a move, a lifestyle change, and jumping into the deep end of minimalism, all at the same time. We are praying that the Lord will see fit to provide us with not only a motor home to live in, but the means to live for a time as traveling vagabonds. 😛 We are hoping sometime this summer to pull roots and throw out the sails, taking a chance on where we go and what we do. It is incredibly exciting and a bit terrifying.

Since we hope to settle down far away from our home state of Oregon, we have no way of saving things here for later. We could send it forward and store things for a time, but that would mean knowing where we will land, in the end. similar to the Israelites, we are going out in faith, looking for the land the Lord will show us, knowing we have a place in this world and that it is not likely to be here. It’s a little bit romantic and a whole lot of crazy, and sounds totally fun.


This is all subject to change at a moment’s notice. Circumstances are such that I may have obligations to stay in the area longer than I hope to, although Scott is confident that we can work around any potential issues we may have leaving here.


However, both of us feel this is the path we are being drawn towards, and so talk has been going in that direction more often than not. For instance…our TV. Scott LOVES the TV, I can live with or without it. We are selling it, and not buying another one. The dog goes, I love her and we want to have her irregardless. Clothes are dropping to a bare minimum, as well as my much-loved books. In fact, only a few books will be making the pilgrimage with us…favorite Bibles, Christian books, Children’s books. I adore my books, and it will hurt to part with them. Probably like it will hurt Scott to part with his TV. It is nice in many ways, a motor home comes with beds, a table, appliances, all in one neat little package. Some have a couch. We can live in it for as long as we want and/or need to, and we can travel as we like, while having our home right there at all times.


But in other ways, it will be hard. Smaller living space, much less things to occupy ourselves with…but even that can be a good thing. With carefully chosen items, we will have much more time to work on our family dynamic, and lots more outdoor space to explore. Our lives are bound to become very interesting if this falls into place, and I can’t wait to see where this dream takes us and how far we take it. My heart swells with excitement at the thought. 🙂


Hold us in your prayers, as there are hurdles to overcome and pieces that need to fall into place in order for this to happen like it has to. If it doesn’t, then we know it is not in God’s plan…but so far, it seems as though it is. 😀 I can’t wait.