So I have been absent for awhile…no worries, I am baaaaack!!! Life sometimes gets ahold of me and, like a pitbull, just won’t let go. I have been busy nursing two illnesses, one I caught on the tail end of another. The whole family got ill with the first one, and so we were all out of commision for a bit. Thankfully, I have managed to stay mostly on top of my house, and even got my livingroom done, but that is another post. 🙂 It did take longer than I expected, and I am still working through getting what I need to get done accomplished for winter, which is rushing up quicker than I could ever have anticipated.

Still, I am finding time to cook and clean and care for kidlets, have gotten their winter wardrobes figured out, and rearrainged thier room again. We were blessed to find an adorable stool and a HUGE dresser, with a free sign on them both. Both are in good condition, just old. I will be posting pictures of them and the new room layout.

I have lost five pounds, thank goodness, but am still 15 pounds overweight. At least my stomache is shrinking again and it is not as noticable as it had been…I still cannot believe I gained 20 pounds in 2 months, but at least I can take it off again, I suppose. I hurt my knee somehow and it is not healing up…prayers for that would be awesome, I can’t workout like I want while I am gimping, lol.


Overall, life has been good. I made a merreinge pie that is yummy, but a little too rich, we take only a tiny piece at a time. Which is good. 🙂 I have been learning to cook so many dishes and will have to post more on here, from that cook book. They are very good. ANyways, off to fold laundry and then read a book posted by a very good friend of mine!

Till tommorrow…..