While cleaning my sons’ room, I really cut back on the toys they have. I have no real issue with toys, other than they end up all over my house and pieces get lost, and the kids don’t play with them all anyways.

I left them each a baby doll (which is going to be replaced by handmade “boy” ragdolls) a stuffed animal (Caelin has a favorite sock monkey and Tristan loves a particular bunny) a few vehicle toys, some blocks, and two balls…a soccer and a basketball.

They have a small selection of board books in their room, but the majority of those are in the kitchen. For home school I bought for Caelin: a set of watercolor paints, a box of eight washable crayons, glue sticks, safety sissors, and a box of eight washable markers. He also has color books, writing paper, and copy paper…to supplement his preschool books that he loves.

For Tristan I bought a box of washable crayons, separate from Caelin’s so they can learn to keep their own things nice.

I figure other than that, they have some outside toys.

I am happy to have all the beeping, noisy things out of my house, and the boys certainly don’t need them. If I keep them with me and busy, they will have little need for toys at all…what with the cooking and gardening and cleaning and reading!

Oh, and I just bought a pumpkin to tear apart with the kids and show Caelin all the cool things we can do with them!