I have been waiting until the entire room is done before posting, but as I am sitting here and the before pics have been taken, I thought I’d post them up before I go get to work. This room really isn’t going to take long, I don’t think. I just did a deep clean in here, and it is mostly just kids left to themselves to throw things all over.

A child left to himself….

Anyways, after this is done, Caelin will be picking it up a few times a day, and they will be being supervised all the time as soon as the house is caught up…not being sent to the room to “play”…ie, distroy their stuff.

Entrance to the boys' room. Basically, they came in here yesterday and trashed it. It was clean, I swear.

Closet, before

They cleaned this out! lol. Nah, this is where most of the stuff came from.