as taken from the 1944 Boston Cooking School Cookbook:

List of Utensils for the Kitchen

Measuring Equipment

set of measuring spoons

2 each of tablespoons and teaspoons

1 cup measure

2 cup measure

household scales

Mixing Tools

wire whisk

rotary egg beater

wooden spoons

large mixing spoon

electric mixer


2 case knives

2 paring knives

2-tined forks (2 sizes)

long, sharp knife

bread knife with saw edge

spatulas (3 sizes)

chopping knife

apple corer

kitchen shears (bottle opener, nutcracker, as well)



2 wire strainers (fine and course)

fruit reamer

food chopper


potato masher

rolling pin

cookie and doughnut cutters

pastry brush

cake tester

brush for vegetables


can opener

knife sharpener

mixing bowls, pans, baking pans, ect.

I do not pretend to know what many of these things are. I have most of the others, and then some.