Done at 10:10 pm!

The kitchen was a lot of work, I was busy all day in it, and am wore out by the effort. Of course, I still have two little ones! My husband did very well keeping them busy and playing, and we even got to eat as a family because the table was moved! I cleaned the kids’ chairs, which were grosser than expected…I didn’t realize all the food that had gotten down there! I washed ALL the dishes, and put them away neatly, cleaned out my food cupboards and made a note about what I need to get at the store food-wise. We now have an eating area, organized and clean cooking space, and clean floors! The dishes are caught up, and so long as I can stay on it everyday…I never have to be in a dirty kitchen again!

Here are some in depth pictures of my new, organized, clean kitchen.

Island view. Sooo pretty!


Table area, I love it!

Kitchen sink---look, ma! no dishes!!!

Island drawer--after

This drawer was stuffed full of lids...

The dirty cupboard from the before shots...

Kitchen view from livingroom

At the end of the day, I am very tired, but extremely energized. I can see the difference in my home, and it makes me excited to complete the No Excuses challenge I have put upon myself. I may even get tommorrow’s stuff done tonight!