Today I am working on my kitchen, getting it under control and cleaning and organizing all of it. As evidenced by the pictures, it is a complete disaster area. It is unorganized, and While we clean every day, it never is quite clean and pretty. Since as of now I have not been cleaning it before bed, I wake up to a mess and even if it gets cleaned completely, I wake up to a mess the next day. I hate being in a dirty kitchen, I hate cooking there, and I hate having people over to see it.

Kitchen as viewed from the Livingroom-before

View of the island--before


Island drawer--before

One of the drawers--before. They were all in basically the same condition.


Today, many things will be thrown out, and all the cupboards will be cleaned out and organized, dishes will be done, and I will clean it up as soon as dinner is finished tonight. The time as of now is 12:40 pm, and I only have today to finish this. I am hoping to do more than just this small amount, but this needs to be done today at least.

Before I started this “No Excuses” series, I lengthened the table, moved it, and cleaned a couple of counters and the microwave. My dear husband has been asking me to do that with the table, telling me I’d like it, and I have foolishly refused. I really like it. We can all four sit down at the same time, now, and it doesn’t look bad, in fact, it feels like there is more room!

I am cleaning all the cupboards, throwing away a load of stuff, and organizing everything. It will be done before 12:00am.